Centrality of Gods’ Word - We are committed to a proclamation of God’s Word that is clear, theologically sound, and communicated in a relevant and practical way, understanding our faith must rest on God’s power not man’s wisdom.


High-Impact Worship - We are committed to an inspiring worship service that engages the heart, mind, and emotions of people, and we are committed to meeting the worship needs of the various generations attending our church--understanding that we cannot please everyone all the time.


Passionate Spirituality - We are committed to experiencing God and following Him-- understanding that it is only the presence and power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to live obedient, transformed lives.


Intentional Disciplemaking - We are committed to an intentional disciplemaking process that takes a local church attender from new life in Christ to spiritual maturity--understanding that spiritual maturity involves ministering using one’s spiritual gifts.


Leadership Development - We are committed to intentional leadership development desiring to see trained, spiritually mature individuals leading our congregation and employed in full-time ministry as workers for the harvest--understanding that the loss of leaders to our church is beneficial to the Kingdom of God.


Mission and Vision-Driven - We are committed to having a clear sense of God’s purpose and a compelling vision for the future that is clearly communicated to all members and that motivates our programs, budget, personnel, and priorities--understanding that we must accomplish God’s vision for His church.


Financial Stewardship - We are committed to ongoing stewardship education which addresses the issues of money and possessions in a Biblical, relevant, and practical way--understanding that people need help and Biblical advice in managing their money.


Fruitful Evangelism - We are committed to reaching our neighborhoods, our nation, and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of racial, economic, or political barriers--understanding that technology affords a great opportunity to reach the whole world with the gospel of Jesus.


Church Planting - We are committed to planting healthy churches in our community, district, and world--understanding that church planting is a highly effective way to share the gospel of Jesus.


Loving Relationships - We are committed to reaching across social, economic, and racial lines with practical acts of love within the church and the community, and we are committed to the reconciliation of relationships among all people--understanding that this produces unity, accountability, and a powerful demonstration of God’s presence within the community.

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